23 Breakfasts That Might Actually Save Your Life


M. The Ultimate Egg-In-A-Hole Hangover Burger


True magnificence. Get the recipe.

P. Onion Ring Fried Eggs


True stoner brilliance. You can make your own onion rings in case you’re feeling formidable, or simply bake up the frozen type. Get the details here.

A. Hong Kong French Toast


If an egg-soaked, deep-fried peanut butter sandwich doesn’t sound like one thing you need to eat, I don’t assume we may be buddies. Get the recipe.

A. Bacon, Egg & Cheese Wafflebrown Sandwich

Lauren Zaser / buzzfeed.com

Cooking hash browns in a waffle iron!? WHAT COULD BE BETTER? Get the recipe.

H. Spam & Kimchi Fried Rice

Lauren Zaser / buzzfeed.com

Sounds funky, tastes superb. And it’s delivered to you by chef Dale Talde, King Of Spam. Get the recipe.

S. Avocado, Egg & Sriracha Grilled Cheese


Breakfast grilled cheese is a class of foodstuffs that deserves extra recognition. Get the recipe.

S. Hangover Chipotle Chilaquiles


There are only a few issues that a pile of chips coated in scrumptious stuff can’t remedy. Get the recipe.

H. Anti-Hangover Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich


In concept: Banana = potassium, peanut butter = salt, and entire wheat bread = cysteine, an amino acid that (supposedly, perhaps) helps you metabolize alcohol. In follow: It’s fricking scrumptious. Get the recipe.

N. French Toast Grilled Cheese


GIRL! Get the recipe.

10. The Ring Of Fire Breakfast


Eggs embraced by a lovely circle o’ sausages and supported by positive, robust potatoes. And served with a bloody, clearly. Get the recipe.

eleven. The Leftover Hungover Sandwich


There’s ham! There’s slaw! There are obtained dang FRENCH FRIES! This sandwich is right here to save lots of your life. Get the recipe.

12. Naan Breakfast Pizza


You assume you’re too hungover to make any meals, however you can also make this. Promise. Get the recipe.

thirteen. Egg & Chorizo Sandwich


This humble scramble with chorizo and American cheese is straightforward sufficient you can make it even for those who’re nonetheless technically drunk. Get the recipe.

14. Maple Sausage & Waffle Casserole


One of these lovely meals the place you’ll be able to simply transfer a pair issues out of your freezer right into a pan into an oven and let the magic occur. Get the recipe.

15. Thai Curry Noodle Soup with a Fried Egg


Soup is secretly THE good hangover meals, as a result of it’s salty and hydrating and heat and comfy. And in the event you add noodles and a fried egg, it’s carby and brunchy. Get the recipe.

sixteen. Challah Hangover Sandwich


Chocolate-coated bacon and bananas between challah French toast with a fried egg on prime. AKA A REASON TO LIVE. Get the recipe.

17. Strawberry Nutella French Toast Roll-Ups


Best-case state of affairs, you persuade somebody to make these for you when you keep in mattress and nurse your headache. Get the recipe.

18. The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich


If the idea of (quick! straightforward!) DIY Cheddar Bay Biscuits doesn’t promote you on this sandwich, I don’t know what is going to. Get the recipe.

19. French Toast Pancakes


Didn’t even understand this was authorized. Get the recipe.

20. The Hangover Quesadilla


Bacon! Egg! And! Cheese! Quesadilla! Get the recipe.

21. Tater Tot Breakfast Pizza


If you haven’t made this but, I’m hoping the sixth time we inform you to do it’s lastly the time you’re satisfied. Get the recipe.

22. Two-Minute Breakfast Burritos


Save your bodega breakfast cash for extra booze as an alternative. Get the recipe.

23. Biscuits & Gravy Casserole


When I die I want you to bury me on this casserole. Get the recipe.